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The driver code:
1, the driver must be neatly dressed, language refined, don't keep long hair, long beard, do not speak is not conducive to the company's image of the words.
2, the driver must obey company scheduling arrangements, strict implementation of the company's business shunting single system.
In 3, the driver has not received the service sent a car alone, should conscientiously do a good job of vehicle maintenance, cleaning work, keep vehicle clean, such as the discovery of vehicle failure, should be promptly reported to the company, timely repair, must maintain a good state of vehicle.
4, the driver in the company received business sent a car alone, must arrive at the designated customers place on time, do the preparatory work before driving.
5, the driver must be polite to customers in the vehicle operation, the guests on the car and said: "hello", get off to say "good bye". Arrive at the destination, we must not forget to remind passengers to carry goods, passengers shall be timely check whether there are passengers found items, such as the remaining items shall timely inform passengers or turned in to the company, shall not be misappropriated other items.
6, the driver in the driving way not smoking, not drinking midway, after arriving at the destination may not ask the guest for the tip.
7, the driver in the business of the company deployed received not drink, long time stay up late one day single front, must maintain adequate sleep and good mental state, to avoid fatigue driving.
8, the driver must provide passengers with safe, comfortable, warm environment for passengers.
Fault treatment:
The lessee in the rental period, found the vehicle abnormality or fault should stop driving, and notify the leasing company. Should comply with the instructions of the leasing company. Due to irresistible disasters caused by the loss of rental vehicles, the lessee should immediately notify the leasing company and will be sent to the designated repair shop to repair the car.
During the term of the lease, the lessee must correct operation and maintenance. Before driving, must be the routine examination, such as oil, brake oil, condensate, tire pressure and lighting, if found, should repair maintenance speed feeding center of the specified, otherwise the consequences. The lessee in the lease period, have the obligation to take good care of and use of the leased vehicle and its relevant documents, to keep the body clean until the return of leasing companies so far. If lost should immediately notify the leasing companies and departments.
Warm tips:
1, attention must not drink alcohol before driving.
2, a long drive does not exceed 5 hours, can listen to some music while driving to avoid fatigue.
3, the rainy day driving to be more careful, as far as possible, to maintain uniform, not to slam on the brakes to avoid skid.
4, women don't drive wear high-heeled shoes or high heels shoes best trim.
5, night driving lights please, pay attention to safety.
6, before the procuratorial brake and steering system, ensure a safe journey.